Orchestral & Film Music

I’ve written several works for orchestra—both traditional and for a kind of traditional-jazz-rock hybrid. Only one of the former type has been recorded using a real orchestra: The piece is called Walls, recorded by Czech National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Paul Freeman in 1996. Here’s the link to the track on Apple Music. You can also find it on Google Music, Spotify, and other fine streaming outlets. And here’s the album on which Walls appears (the last track):

As for the hybrid orchestra: The forgoing playlist comes from a live recording of the premiere of my group, the Revolution Ensemble. This is a four-movement suite that I called “Never Lose The Blues.” In addition to the traditional orchestral instruments, I added electric guitar and bass, drums, and saxophones. This was recorded in 1998.


And finally, there’s this: Orchestral Film music recorded in the box. Meaning they were scored and recorded on a Mac using sample plug-ins that are meant to sound like the real thing. Most of these were recorded in 2007, and only one of them (Spooky Freaky Music) actually appeared in a movie. The others were commissioned for license by Wild Whirled Music in 2007.