An Award-Winning Master of Genre-Busting Music, Composer-Pianist-Vocalist Peter Saltzman Has Produced Everything From Whimsical One-Minute songs to Brilliant Improvisations to Complex but Accessible Orchestral Scores.

“Imaginative…brilliant”—Chicago Tribune

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Intro to Peter Saltzman

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Three Sides of A Musical Coin

Three Sides of A Musical Coin

In this highly accessible solo piano program, I creatively blend three musical traditions—classical, jazz, and pop—into one. Combining my own compositions and well-known works by composers like J.S. Bach, John Coltrane, and John Lennon with stories about the music that elucidate the creative process, the program is entertaining and educational.

The video below comes from the premiere on November 11, 2023 as a part of the Project 88 Concert Series in Berwyn, IL.


Act 1:
1 Overture to Act 1 (Aggressively)
2 Blues in Satie
3 Seven Gear Blues
4 Cinematic Scene #1
5 I am the walrus
6 Brooklyn, 1986, Night
7 ‘Round Midnight
8 13 Variables on a Theme by Trade (Giant Steps)

Act 2:
9 Improvised Overture To Act 2 (Pop Counterpoint)
10 Prelude & Feud in C
11 Improvisation on Bach Prelude and Fugue #1
12 Sound of Silence
13 Rondo Blues in G

Welcome to 2099!

Below is the trailer for my TV show, 2099, best viewed on a large screen with decent speakers or headphones.

Musically Novel

Improvisations on the Ledge Banner

I’ve moved most of my writing to Substack…

Substack, as you may know, is the latest hot platform for writers and while it is far from perfect, it’s a good place for me to park my two primary writing projects (besides the TV show, which doesn’t belong there at all): Blues, Preludes & Feuds and Music For Its Own SakeI could say more, but why not head over there and see what it’s about…

Provocative Podcast

Improvisations on the Ledge Banner

Improvisations on the Ledge is a podcast about what’s really going on inside the music. For both serious listeners and serious musicians.

“Improvisations on The Ledge is a must for musicians, composers, music fans, artists, and indeed anyone with an interest in and appreciation for organic music and creative expression in their purest forms.”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo  Stickman

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Deep Music

Jazz? Classical? Pop? Avant-Garde? No, just great music.

All together. Like it’s meant to be!

Featured Album

Featured Track

“Just Plain Genius

— All About Jazz

Imaginary Dialogues, Part 1: Keith Jarrett

Imaginary Dialogues, Part 1: Keith Jarrett

The Musicians in My Head This track comes  from an album is "in the works." I'm still culling through several tracks to not only see what fits, but what fits together collectively. In the meantime... This is to be the first in an ongoing series of "Imaginary Dialogs" albums. The imaginary dialogs are with particular artists who influenced me along the way. All the tracks here are free improvisations, but free with the caveat that I had Keith Jarrett in mind on some level.

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“A Genius Musical Craftsman”

Contemporary Fusion Review

Painted Piano?

Piano Sketches Banner

Introducing Piano Sketches

Watch and listen as painter Jeremy Harrison and pianist Peter Saltzman perform duets—across art forms!

A Pop Arty Abstraction

This trippy Jeremy Harrison painting, improvised on Peter Saltzman’s solo piano improvisation Poppy Asymmetric Bounce, perfectly captures the color and whimsy of the music.

Featured Piano Sketch

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