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In this episode, I do battle with Philip Glass and, by extension, the entire genre of minimalism. To my surprise,  though, I found that even while I reject the aesthetic as a whole, there’s plenty I can take from it creatively—but only by adapting some of its techniques in ways never intended by its practitioners.

Original Music In This Episode:

(see “Breaking Glass” album for complete tracks and more.

  1. On The Possibility of Song
  2. Fast Scales
  3. Endlessly Melody
  4. Breaking Glass 4
  5. Breaking Glass 2
  6. Breaking Glass 3
  7. Mimimally Bluesy

Music Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Beethoven’s 7th Sympony (Movement 1)
  2. Philip Glass, Einstein on the Beach
  3. John Coltrane, Tunji

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