Three Sides of A Musical Coin

In this highly accessible solo piano program, I creatively blend three musical traditions—classical, jazz, and pop—into one. Combining my own compositions and well-known works by composers like J.S. Bach, John Coltrane, and John Lennon with stories about the music that elucidate the creative process, the program is entertaining and educational.

The video below is from the premiere at on November 11, 2023. The concert was part of the Project 88 Concert Series in Berwyn, IL.

The Program:


Act 1:
1 Overture to Act 1 (Aggressively)
2 Blues in Satie
3 Seven Gear Blues
4 Cinematic Scene #1
5 I am the walrus
6 Brooklyn, 1986, Night
7 ‘Round Midnight
8 13 Variables on a Theme by Trade (Giant Steps)

Act 2:
9 Improvised Overture To Act 2 (Pop Counterpoint)
10 Prelude & Feud in C
11 Improvisation on Bach Prelude and Fugue #1
12 Sound of Silence
13 Rondo Blues in G

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