A Slightly Musical Family

I was born into a slightly musical family. OK, let’s just say we weren’t exactly the Bachs—a family whose musical history went back a good 400 years, leading up to its pinnacle in J.S. and continuing on through his sons who were nothing to sneeze at.  So, no, nothing like that. In fact, with the exception of Great Aunt Betty,  a classical pianist—zilch.

And then, for better or worse, I came along.

The result is a lot of music in a lot of genres. It’s almost as if I was trying to make up for the fact that there wasn’t much music in recent generations of my family, on either side. Who knows what was going on in Eastern Europe—in the Pale and beyond—before my ancestors wisely got the hell out of there three or so generations ago. Maybe there were some hazzans or fiddlers back in Odessa.

Good thing, then, that my son is also a musician. Maybe I can slow down a bit…

In any case, you can check out what I’ve been churning out by clicking on the links to the left. But remember: this is just a sample!