An Award-Winning Master of Genre-Busting Music, Composer-Pianist-Vocalist Peter Saltzman Has Produced Everything From Whimsical One-Minute songs to Brilliant Improvisations to Complex but Accessible Orchestral Scores.

“Imaginative…brilliant”—Chicago Tribune

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Intro to Peter Saltzman

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Deep Music

Jazz? Classical? Pop? Avant-Garde? No, just great music.

All together. Like it’s meant to be!

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Featured Track

“Just Plain Genius

— All About Jazz

“A Genius Musical Craftsman”

Contemporary Fusion Review

Provocative Podcast

Improvisations on the Ledge Banner

Improvisations on the Ledge is a podcast about what’s really going on inside the music. For both serious listeners and serious musicians.

New Episode!

IOTL S2-E7: Planned Chance

IOTL S2-E7: Planned Chance

My plan was to dive into Part 2 of my “End of Melody Episode,“ but by chance, I rolled the dice and came up with something completely different. Unplanned, but fated to be this way? Possibly.

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“Improvisations on The Ledge is a must for musicians, composers, music fans, artists, and indeed anyone with an interest in and appreciation for organic music and creative expression in their purest forms.”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo  Stickman

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Painted Piano?

Piano Sketches Banner

Introducing Piano Sketches

Watch and listen as painter Jeremy Harrison and pianist Peter Saltzman perform duets—across art forms!

A Pop Arty Abstraction

This trippy Jeremy Harrison painting, improvised on Peter Saltzman’s solo piano improvisation Poppy Asymmetric Bounce, perfectly captures the color and whimsy of the music.

Featured Piano Sketch

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