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Many Ways & Things Learn

I teach in my fully appointed Oak Park studio, virtual music lessons with a multi-cam setup, or in your home—piano, composition, voice, songwriting, recording…and more.

What, How & Why I Teach

I teach music, plain and simple. The teaching comes in many forms—piano, songwriting, composition, voice, recording, production, theory, and more. But in the end, it’s about teaching you how music works, so you know how to make music.

I have over 40 years of professional experience in multiple genres: everything from jazz to pop, orchestral, dance,  and film music. I’m a world-class, award-winning musician who music has been called “brilliant” (Chicago Tribune ), “ambitious, richly layered, wonderfully accessible” (Chicago Sun-Times), “powerful stuff” (Dallas Morning News), and “just plain genius”(All About Jazz). Mark S. Tucker called my original solo piano album, Blues, Preludes & Feuds “Easily one of the very best piano releases of the last 30 years.”

I studied at two of the nations’ top music schools (Jazz at Indiana University, Bloomington, and Composition/Piano at Eastman School of Music,) and was an adjunct professor of music at Columbia College Chicago for several years.

My goal in teaching music is simple: to share the power and beauty of the musical language in its many and varied forms.  – Peter Saltzman

The Peter Saltzman Studio Experience

1. Piano lessons plus a whole lot more with a true master musician!

I am not just a pianist but a versatile musician proficient in jazz, classical, and pop genres. Furthermore, I bring a wealth of experience as a composer, songwriter, producer, and singer. With over 30 years of teaching expertise, including eight years as an Adjunct Professor of Music at Columbia College Chicago, I am committed to nurturing and developing talent to its fullest potential.

2. Tailored instruction for all ages and skill levels

Whether you are four or 84 years old, a beginner or an advanced player, I am dedicated to providing personalized instruction that suits your unique style and goals. Your musical journey will be carefully crafted to ensure growth and enjoyment every step of the way.

3. Unparalleled benefits beyond piano mastery

In addition to learning piano, my students receive a range of exclusive benefits that amplify their musical experience:

Custom-composed and arranged music: I create original compositions and arrangements in real-time during lessons, allowing you to witness the creative process firsthand on the piano monitor.

Studio-quality recordings: Track your progress and relish the satisfaction of listening to your improvement over time with professional recordings of your performances.

Authentic band accompaniments: Immerse yourself in the joy of playing alongside a full band, enhancing your sense of rhythm and musicality.

Interactive two-piano, two-monitor setup: Embrace a more convenient and engaging lesson style through our innovative setup, which fosters an interactive learning environment.

Areas of Study:

  • Piano (all levels and styles)
  • Voice (pop and jazz)
  • Composition (all levels and styles)
  • Songwriting
  • Recording and Music Production
  • Improvisation (all styles)


  • In Oak Park, IL Studio
  • In your home
  • Virtual Music Lessons with three camera set-up

Ages and Levels

All ages and levels are welcome


Our two sons, now ages 8 and 6, each began taking piano lessons from Mr. Peter when they were 4. Over the years, we have witnessed their incredible progress and also observed Mr. Peter guiding them in lessons, both in person and, more recently, over Zoom. With Mr. Peter’s support, both of our boys have learned to preserve through their frustrations and take great pride in their developing musical abilities. Mr. Peter has been an exemplary teacher for our children, as he is patient and unflappable but also continues to set a high bar for their achievement.

Alap & Liz


“I enjoyed Peter’s Theory classes very much. I opened for myself the whole new world of contemporary music, learned to find parallels and common points between contemporary composers and composers of old. The topics of conversation in our classes ranged from Gregorian Chants to compositions by Sting and Stevie Wonder, with Beethoven, Chopin and Stravinsky in between. It was a pure joy.”

L. Roitman


Our son (8 years old) really enjoys his lessons with Mr. Saltzman.  He has fun and learns at the same time! We highly recommend Peter for piano lessons!

C. Gill


“Learning from a talented composer is a rare gift.”

M. Berens


Over the 9 months that our son has been taking piano lessons with Peter, the quality of his playing has skyrocketed. Our son loves going to his lessons, and I love that Peter is so responsive to his curiosity and interests in different types of music. Peter has also been really good at identifying my son’s strengths and pushing him in new ways to match his skill level. We are so pleased with Peter and the attention and care he’s giving our son’s musical development. 

S. Anderson


Lesson Rates

As of January 1, 2022: 

  • In-Studio and Zoom:
    • 60 minutes: $90
    • 45 minutes: $68
    • 30 minutes: $45
  • In your home: It will depend on my travel time. Please inquire for more info.

In-Home Lessons

I give a limited number of in-home lessons. Actual price will depend on distance from my studio. The price will go down if you bring in other clients in your area.

Referral Discounts

You get an hour free of lessons for every student you refer that signs up for any package of lessons! Please send me an email with details of the referral.

Policies & Sign-Up


Cancellation Policy?

24-hours notice is required for lesson cancellations. Timely cancelations are billed but credited as make-up lessons. For details on how I handle make-ups, please read below. Lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice are considered missed lessons and will count toward paid lessons. 

What is Your Payment Schedule?

Payment for lessons is due prior to the first lesson in the package. To guarantee a time slot, payment should be made one week prior to the end the previous payment period.


I do not offer refunds when students terminate lessons in a package before their completion except for extraordinary circumstances. 

Being on Time

I am on a very tight schedule during my teaching hours. Please be on time or early, and wait in the foyer downstairs until the end of the previous lesson.

Make-Up Lesson Policy

Make-up lessons can be applied in the following ways:
  1. An actual make-up lesson in a lesson slot that is not your regular time. (This can be extra time spread over time, for example, two 45-minute lessons to make up a missed 30-, minute lesson.)
  2. Custom Composing Time: I can use the time to compose/arrange some music for the student, which includes exercises for concepts we’re working on. In practice, this means that I would take the half-hour that we would have spent in a lesson and compose or arrange something for the student. This could be, for example, a song that the student wants to play.
  3. Recorded lessons. In this scenario, I use two cameras to record a lesson on a particular concept we’re working on. These would be posted to YouTube privately. They would not be the full 30 minutes as they are not interactive and involve some set-up and post-production time.

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