Words without Music (and with)

I had no intention of becoming a “writer” and now, with the release of a sort-of book, that I officially am one, I’m still not so sure. Unlike music, which I seemed to just start doing on my own volition at a very young age, writing just seemed to happen…

OK, so maybe it happened the same way as with music—just a lot later. What in fact happened was that at some point I started to realize that there were things I wanted to express, that couldn’t be done in music, that needed words independent of music.

But it may have started with lyrics—which I started to write in my early 20s. From lyrics I began to get the idea that I could play with words the way I played with notes. And it kind of snowballed from there.

Besides Blues, Preludes & Feuds—the sort-of book—there is this site. Here there are currently four categories of writing:

  • Appreciation: my thoughts about various artists who have inspired and influenced me.
  • Confessions: self-portraits that don’t really fit into the memoir model I’ve created in Blues, Preludes & Feuds
  • Art & Tech: Discussions on the intersections between technology and art
  • Cutluralist: Anything about culture in general.

That about covers it. Except, I do have plans for a contrarian book on music theory. And I’ve written drafts of three episodes for a TV musical called Jews in Space. Also a sci-fi book about end of the universe (this one has music.) We’ll see if any of those come to the light of day.

In the mean time…click the links to the left. And, of course, go read/hear Blues, Preludes & Feuds.