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A Podcast That Deconstructs the Story Inside of the Music

Rebecca Cullen, reviewer

Improvisations on The Ledge is a must for musicians, composers, music fans, artists, and indeed anyone with an interest in and appreciation for organic music and creative expression in their purest forms.”

Rebecca Cullen
Stereo Stickman

IOTL is a kind of performance art. In each episode, Saltzman tackles a particular subject—a genre, music trends, problems creative musicians face—and the riffs on it with both words and improvised piano music.

Peter draws on his extensive background and knowledge in multiple genres: jazz, classical, pop, and more. But IOTL is not a lecture; it’s a creative deep dive into the soul of music.

Improvisations on the Ledge is not just about music. It is music.

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IOTL Short #6: And a Plane Flew By

IOTL Short #6: And a Plane Flew By

...Or how musical order insists on materializing out of seemingly random occurrences... A random musical thought occurs while parking the car, which circuitously leads me to a final chord at precisely the moment when a plane flies by in the same exact key. I don’t...

IOTL #25: Improvisations with Play-by-Play Analysis!

IOTL #25: Improvisations with Play-by-Play Analysis!

Yes, that’s right, improvisations with sports-style play-by-play analysis—including instant replay! (Where else but on IOTL..) It may seem like a sacrilege of sorts to do an analysis of my own improvisations, thus robbing of some supposedly idealize pure, unfettered...